Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Sending Thanksgiving cards is a good way of letting the people in your life know that you are happy to consider them a friend. It is not possible to spend the holiday with everyone you would like to – usually it is spent with family. This does not mean your friends are any less important to you.

While it is possible to send a Thanksgiving card through email, there is something more personal about a physical card. The ability to touch and feel the textures, see your hand-written message and save the card for the future makes it more special. Sending the people you care about a reminder of how thankful you are they are a part of your life is sure to put a smile on their face. It shows you took the time to pick out a card, write a small message, put it in the envelope and address it, and then make sure it went in the mail. It takes much more thought and consideration than scrolling through some cards on a website and sending it to an email address. Many ecards end up in a spam folder and never get read; the people you sent it to may never even know you sent it.

Our cards are all created to delight the recipient. We care about every detail; the words, the images and the materials used to create our cards. There is no need for an electronic device to read the words and feelings you send when you use a paper Thanksgiving card.

When you think of things you are thankful for, remember the environment; we do. Our cards are made from recycled materials so they do not sit in a landfill. The resources used to create them are easily replenished, unlike the materials needed to manufacture an electronic device. Let the people you care about know that when you care about something or someone, you do all you can to take care of them.

Featured Card: INWA4112

Happy Thanksgiving Greeting Card

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