New Years Greeting Cards

New Year’s cards can be fun, silly, serious or romantic. Send them to the people whom you want knowing that you would like them in your life for the coming year. Sometimes life gets in the way and we miss out on spending time with people we are not involved with on a daily basis. Friends drift apart, even when you do not mean for it to happen. Sending a card is like giving them a personal invitation to get back in touch with you.

Think of the smile that curls up on your face when you hear from a friend you have not heard from for a while. The memories come flooding back and you want to see them again. Sending a New Year’s card is your chance to start to catch up with all that has been going on in your life. Odds are good they will either pick up the phone and call you, or send you a letter to make a time to get together. Sure, you could send them a quick email, but chances are they will read it and then forget about it; once opened it does not stick out and if they are going through email, they are probably too busy to call at that moment. Having a physical card sitting on the desk or table will keep you in their mind. When you add a written note it is so much more personal than something quickly typed into a text area on an eCard.

Let your friends know you are thinking about them and the environment. We use only recycled materials to make our cardstock. We do not use up natural resources or fill landfills with metals that will sit there forever. Computers and other devices used to read an eCard require materials that, once taken from the earth, are not replenished.

Featured Card: INWF4044

New Year Greeting Card

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