Thank You Greeting Cards

Your mother taught you to say “thank you” whenever anyone gave you anything, and just because you’re all grown up now doesn’t mean the rules have changed. Saying “thank you” shows the giver that you appreciate the gift or favor, and helps to better cement your relationship than unrequited gift giving. And while a child can get away with nothing more than yelling “Thanks!” over their shoulder as they run off to play, adults sometimes have to send a card.

We have specific thank-you cards for a variety of situations. Clever, funny cards that celebrate going the extra mile help you to thank the friend who came over to clean the gutters…and ended up helping you paint the whole house, too. Sweet, sentimental thank-you cards are good for the friend who’s always there when you need her, and are perfect for expressing your gratitude when she holds your hand in the hospital. Simple, blank cards can be filled out en masse to thank friends and family for a showering of gifts at a birthday, after a wedding, or during the holidays. Professional corporate cards can be sent to repeat customers to thank them for their loyalty and to continue encouraging it.

These high-quality, finely crafted cards show the sincerity of your gratitude through the excellence present in even their smallest details. The durable cardstock, vibrant colors, clever messages, and tasteful sentiments all work together to show that you care in a way that an e-card never can.

Plus, these cards are not harmful to environment. Made from recycled paper, a renewable resource, our thank-you cards give the earth something to thank you for. Unlike the computers necessary to create, send, and receive e-greetings, these cards come from the earth and can go back to the earth. So send a thank-you card—make the earth happy and your mother proud.

Featured Card: INWA4906

Personalized Thank You Card

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