Happy Anniversary Greeting Cards

Paper may be the traditional gift of the first anniversary, but that doesn’t mean our selection of charming anniversary cards can’t be a part of your special celebration for every happy year to come. A card is a chance to say everything that’s in your heart and on your mind, to record your feelings for another person with the forethought and the permanence of the written word. Our cards provide the image and the idea, but the most important part is how you personalize it, whether it’s with a poem of your own or a simple “I love you.” Whether you’re commemorating your own anniversary or a milestone in another couples’ life, you can find something perfectly sweet, perfectly funny, or perfectly poetic for the perfect person in your life.

The messages on our cards are heartfelt and strong, and our cards are strong, too. The high-quality paper can be safely preserved or scrapbooked without fear of crumbling or fading so that you can keep these mementos as beautiful as your years together. They can’t be accidentally deleted from an inbox; their programming can’t become obsolete; they can’t be discarded on an old hard drive. These cards are a symbol of the strength and growth of your relationship and are almost as timeless as your love for one another.

And don’t worry about environmental impact. Our cards are environmentally friendly—even more so than an e-card. They’re made from recycled paper, which was originally made from managed forests that were subsequently replanted with new growth. In comparison, the silicon, hydrocarbons, and metals that form the hardware behind e-cards are often the result of mining, which permanently ruins the land. Computer parts are usually not recycled, and, unlike paper, computer components never biodegrade. Besides, whoever heard of the “Silicon Anniversary?” Say it sincerely. Say it with a card.

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