How to Select the Right Sympathy Card for a Friend or Colleague

Choosing a sympathy card is arguably one of the most difficult greeting card buying decisions you will ever make. Times of crisis or tragedy can trigger strong emotions, not only in those who are closest to the situation, but also in those who have to watch someone they care for suffer. If you do not know the recipient well, you might feel awkward and struggle with finding a balance between heartfelt concern and overstepping boundaries. Following a few general guidelines can help you select the right sympathy card for any situation. Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Traditional vs. Electronic Christmas Cards

Electronic communications have become nearly ubiquitous in today’s always-connected world. We can dash off a digital message to someone down the street or across the globe and receive a nearly instantaneous response. Once a novelty, this easy communication style is now what everyone expects. Does this mean there is no longer a place for the traditional, printed Christmas card? Here is a look at the pros and cons of both electronic and traditional Christmas cards. Continue reading

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Top 5 Christmas Greeting Card Quotes

A great greeting card can truly express your feelings in a meaningful and heartfelt way. This is especially true at Christmas time, when people come together to share blessings of peace, love, and hope. At Inwood Greeting Cards, we offer you a range of quotes for your personalized Christmas cards. Each card has a specially selected recommended quote, but you can also choose a different verse or even create your own. Here is a look at our top 5 quotes, selected for their originality and the various sentiments they express. Continue reading

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6 Interesting facts about Greeting Cards

Over $7 Billion dollars worth of greeting cards are purchased every year. In this infographic, you’ll learn all the interesting unknown facts about the industry. Did you know that 80% of greeting cards are bought by women? Fact: The average person receives 20 cards per year. Continue reading

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10 Beautiful Religious Christmas Cards for 2014

For many Christians, Christmas is a time of deep remembrance and appreciation of the birth of Jesus. From the Middle Ages through today, artists have attempted to capture the wonder and majesty of that moment. At Inwood Greeting Cards, we strive to bring you elegant religious Christmas cards that feature some of the most beautiful imagery you will find anywhere. For 2014, here is a look at 10 of our favorites. Continue reading

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6 Christmas Card Dos and Don’ts

Sending out Christmas cards is a great way to show your customers that you care. People are busier now than ever before, and the digital clutter in our lives is tremendous. A heartfelt printed greeting card can bring a smile to someone’s face, make him or her feel important, and build brand loyalty. Yet sending the wrong card or writing an overly familiar message could actually damage your relationship with a customer. To ensure that your cards help rather than hurt your business, here are 6 important Christmas card dos and don’ts. Continue reading

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6 Reasons to Send Holiday Greeting Cards to Your Customers

The holiday season is incredibly busy for all of us. You might be stressing out over your year-end financials, braving the crowds to find presents for your friends and family, baking up a storm for your holiday party, and trying to schedule projects around everyone’s travel schedules. Sending out holiday cards to your customers can feel like just another chore on a never-ending task list, and you might be tempted to simply skip it, or at least to dash off a mass email. Continue reading

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How to Stand Out From The Crowd with a Greeting Card

Sending an email is a tried and true technique for connecting with past and potential customers. It is both free and easy to do, and it takes only a few minutes to send a mass email to all the contacts on your list. But the flip side is that email is almost guaranteed to get lost in the shuffle. Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons to Send Printed Greeting Cards

In today’s digital age, more and more companies rely solely on the Internet to conduct business. From reaching new clients to thanking suppliers for a speedy delivery, the Internet is quick, easy and convenient. The flip side of this, however, is that everyone is doing it. Think about your own email inbox. Is it ever really empty? Or is it constantly overflowing with a mix of urgent requests, sales pitches and hastily typed notes from various contacts? Continue reading

Business Greeting Card Etiquette

Greeting cards are a lovely tradition that also makes smart business sense. Sending out a personal card to a business associate or client is a great way of showing that you care. Sending a personal greeting card requires very little effort, yet it can garner an oversized positive response. If you are looking for a way to reach out to associates and clients on a warm and personal level, then consider sending a greeting card on birthdays and special occasions.

Continue reading

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